Therapists who are accepting new clients will be at the top of the page, with a turquoise check mark next to their photo. This indicates that they’re accepting new clients in the next three weeks.

To further narrow your search, filter by the time of day you are available (Before 9am, After 5pm, Weekends). You can also verify the days and times a therapist is in the office under the “Hours” section on their profile.

If you don’t see a therapist who has appointments during times you're available, consider adding “remote video sessions” (under Locations) to your search, as remote therapists are often able to schedule appointments more flexibly.

If you want to see a therapist who is not currently accepting new clients, you can always send them an email message (click “Email Therapist” under the calendar on their profile) and ask if they have a waitlist.

Why are there no times available to schedule a call?
How do I choose from so many providers?